Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to access ILOM from within Linux Host ?

1) Check for below packages
#rpm -q hpasm
#rpm -q hprsm
#rpm -q hponcfg

if they are not installed follow below instructions to install those packages

Install latest version of
hpasm, hprsm and hponcfg packages from below hp web url for specified model and OS version

3)Then start hpasm service followed by hprsm.

#servce hpasm start
#service hprsm start
#hponcfg -?
if it throws any firmware related error
then download latest firmware (ILO online firmware) from above link

wait for 2 minutes to get ILO reset

4)Then execute below command to view the ILO configuration

#hponcfg -w /tmp/ilo -l /tmp/ilo_log

#cat /tmp/ilo output contains ILO configuration

5)To add user to the ILO.

#hponcfg -f add_user.xml -l /tmp/ilo_log

Below is the add_user.xml customized script. keep this script in current working directory

Below is the command for to change the network parameters
#hponcfg -f network_mod.xml -l /tmp/ilo_log

Below is the network_mod.xml customized script. keep this script in current working directory and change the
ipaddress, netmask,gateway,speed and duplex parameters in the below script as per your requirement.

Note:In HP web site u will get ILO driver for ESX and Linux for each server model.

Install it and run following commands to see the ILO IP of the machine. No need of reboot.

#hponcfg -w /tmp/ilo -l /tmp/ilo_log
#cat /tmp/ilo

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  1. Install Ipmitool inside the OS. “Ipmitool” have option to get DRAC/ILO details. (HP/DELL).