Friday, March 19, 2010

Shell Script: Quick Look into Command-Line Arguments

Following script is used to print command line argument and will show you how to access them:
$ vi demo

# Script that demos, command line args
echo "Total number of command line argument are $#"
echo "$0 is script name"
echo "$1 is first argument"
echo "$2 is second argument"
echo "All of them are :- $* or $@"

Run it as follows

Set execute permission as follows:

$ chmod 755 demo

Run it & test it as follows:

$ ./demo Hello World

If test successful, copy script to your own bin directory (Install script for private use)
$ cp demo ~/bin

Check whether it is working or not (?)

$ demo
$ demo Hello World

NOTE: After this, for any script you have to used above command, in sequence, I am not going to show you all of the above command(s) for rest of Tutorial.

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